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Drop Shipping is a system that allows website owners to sell product on their website and have it shipped directly from us to their customer. This enables you to concentrate on marketing and leave the logistics to us. How does Drop Shipping work? 

Follow these simple steps and you can be selling online within a few hours. 

1.Choose the products you want to sell online, you are welcome to use all images and content to put the product on your site.
2. Auction Sites: You are free to sell a product on certain auction sites. Please contact for further details regarding this.  Please be careful about auctions that could result in you a) losing money and b) selling an item that is out of stock. 
EBAY SELLERS: Not eligable
AMAZON SELLERS: Not eligable.
Some important things you should know
1] We keep our website up to date with all items that are available, You will need to check the availability online at regular intervals.
2] Please also be aware that most of our stock is original African Art. Which in some cases means there is only one available. This does not include jewelry and graphics. These are available at all times.

3]Shipping charges are advertised on each product, all you simply do is select the correct shipping charge that applies when proceeding through the checkout.

4] You will be responsible for customer care and handling any returns. We will refund within 30 days if in the unlikely event of damages. You will be responsible for getting the item back to us. (Please Note:) We have a 100% success rate of extremely happy customers.
5] Colors and Designs: You can expect your customer to get products that are the same as the photographs on our site.
Our products are top quality unique items.
 For further information, please contact us.