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George Obonyo Kenyan Artist

gg.jpgGeorge Obonyo born on December 31st 1975 as fifth in a family of nine (four boys and five girls), in Migori District of South Nyanza, Obonyo joined Railways Nursery School, Eldoret in 1980. He did his Primary Certificate at Uasin Gishu Primary School also in Eldoret and proceeded to Miwani Secondary School where he completed a High School Certificate in 1993.

Obonyo love for art dates way back to his nursery school days. The zeal grew with time as he continued to get moral support from both peers and teachers in primary school. By the time he was in standard seven it had gone deeply into his blood to the chagrin of his parents who believed (then) that drawing would deter his school work and render him a failure academically but Obonyo ambition to be a great artist kept burning.

He joined Buru Buru Institute of Fine Art (Nairobi) in 1997 and graduated three years later with credit and a merit award for being the best student in drawing and painting. His studies at Buru Buru Institute of Fine Art was made possible through the scholarship of Father Joseph Taylor who was a great inspiration to him.

Besides oil on canvas he also does mosaic, collage and water colours. His bright colours, he says depicts life in Africa as bright and vibrant - despite the calamities. The physical and socio-cultural enviroment which he goes through when painting his topics especially in the countryside vividly makes his works appear unique.

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