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Paul Onditi Kenyan Artist

Paul Onditi is from Kenya, he studied and worked as an artist for some years in Germany but has returned to his homeland recently to escape the recession. It seems Africa is far more welcoming and friendly in such climates.

Paul’s work is experimental and exciting. His materials and his concepts are fresh and ever changing, mimicking and embracing one another on the canvas. Paul works with acrylics, bleach, ink and traditional African pigments to create a combination of sober and brilliant colour which sing out in contrast and in harmony.

His ape-like human figures portray some of the complex ideas behind his work. Paul is fascinated by evolution, not just in nature but in thought and fashion. He is captivated by the idea that nature may one day copy the patterns of human ideology and behaviour, the repetition and recycling that seem a never-ending process.

What if, he muses, eventually biology retraces its steps and begins a slow journey back to our ape-like past?