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Yenaye Rene Cameroon Artist

Yenaye Rene was born in 1983 in Kumbo ,Bui division, North West Region of Cameroon,Africa.Arts inspiration from childhood. Parents say he wore a critical look at all things at the age 0-3,when he started admiring objects and colors.

In primary school ,he won prices as best (calligrapher) and pencil works.After spent time alone in building objects to shapes and sizes.All of these carried him to Art studios to compare works of great designers and painting.

In secondary school,he designed school badges for public festivities with his pen,pencil and paper.This won him a lot of credit and honor among mates and teachers.

At Yemman Arts Studio,he spent 38 months of hard work and practical arts.

He has excelled in both National and international Awards. His Arts has been sold to foreign land to individuals and cooperate bodies and museums.

The Cameroon Government recognizing this gave him a scholarship to study sculptural arts through the National Employment Fund sponsorship where he graduated with a Diploma in National Arts; Sculpture,Painting and Taxidermy.The Banin Arts and Craft Institute got the formation contract and supplied the necessary practical lessons.Hence he is a continues researcher in works of creating arts of the century.He is idealistic in Arts and focuses on the Wonders of Nature. How splendid and incomprehensible Nature is. He has strange styles,root-like and Natural where he represents objects and information in obscure domains.
Asked to know his hobby,he says. I think and put in art works what will cost for generations in Arts.Singing is inspiring to Arts, so I do sing and produce in Culture.

He participated in the 2000 Millennium Art Exposition in Development ,in the North West Region of Cameroon.Organized by Environmental Rights Solidarity Team (ENRIST) Cameroon.
Participated in the 2007 Art Exhibition in Baffousam. Organized by National Employment Fund.

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